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in white girls we lust..

Whatever, they wouldn’t have had sex anyway.

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Drake’s Right Hand is Named Rupert

Have y’all met Rupert, Drake’s right hand? It has a mind of its own, and its name is Rupert! Beliee dat! 

Makin’ him walk, gettin’ him laid in a dream on a Disney Show. 

For Some Reason We Still Can’t Take Him Seriously

MC Hammer has released a song about how “Jigga worships the Devil”. Some sort of diss directed at Jay-Z. 

Even though this song is “hard” (allegedly), we still can’t take MC Hammer seriously…. 

Oh yea, that’s why.

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"A hundred forty characters is more than enough" #modernromance, #popstars

Do you remember when pop stars were old enough to go to R-rated movies? As inevitable as pea coats in winter, a new pop “super group” has appeared on the scene and they are 12 years old.

Can Mindless Behavior be the next big thing? This up-and-coming (giggle giggle) sensation is a combination of B2K and Justin Bieber, aka black tweens who can dance, are well dressed, and sing about “young love.” Their lyrics touch on important topics, i.e. texting is directly proportional to love, texting and going to the salon are comparable to homework, and you don’t need more than 140 characters to express your love for someone. I hope their parents got them unlimited texting plans, otherwise someone is totally grounded.

Odds that Willow Smith dates one of them? Maybe they can go to the “Teen Choice” awards together. 

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Rihanna vs. Willow Smith

As if there weren’t enough pre-teens in the music scene, the new track from Willow Smith was leaked last week. Willow Smith? Yea that’s the daughter of Will Smith - as if that family wasn’t talented enough already. Anyway, “Whip my Hair” has caused “controversy” in the interwebs, because Rih Rih had an unreleased track named “Whipping my Hair”. And now the internet wants justice. Not only for the song name BUT because Willow has the same hair cut as Rihanna. God forbid a 9 year old has the same hair cut as someone she probably wants to grow up to be like (minus the whole Chris Brown thing…). Proving yet again that the internet is full of crazy people.

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@kanyewest is literally winning life right now. 


Hot Joint of the Day: Kanye West (feat. Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Big Sean & Charlie Wilson) - “Good Friday”

Ye drops the latest G.O.O.D. Friday track. One big happy family (+ Uncle Charlie).


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