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We’re Still Here!

This week marked the one-year anniversary of our first post. Over those 12 months we’ve had some busy weeks and some off weeks, but we thank you, our readers, for coming back. 

When we started out we were little more than a funny name, birthed out of half-drunk Twitter-speak and inside jokes that came from doing the same dumb things with the same smart friends every week. We talked and wrote in new ways we liked or giggled at and we didn’t wonder if others would be about to understand what the hell we were going on about. SIlly things like stories about music videos, profanity-laden instructions, and half-baked meta-theories first voiced in the faint light of the rising sun, the dregs of a bottle of red being passed around. We created characters both between sloshing rounds of karaoke and Long Island iced teas on a cruise ship off the coast of Mexico, and in the hopes of helping some boys get laid.

We interviewed influencers in the hopes of learning things. We reviewed “literature”, compared rappers, and learned about bagels. We showed our understanding of Tumblr when we posted about literary drunks and racked up 157 notes. We philosophized about ads shown during a show about advertising. A brave soul among us shared his first kiss and we poached a column from Gawker about weddings. We wrote developmental treatises on something called meta-enabling, and tried to introduce new punctuation

Over 600-odd posts tell some of that story, manage to capture some of that youthful energy— the bits we deemed worthy of pausing and attempting to record, sometimes in the most rushed and direct fashions we could come up with. Of course we had our influences— that’s what this whole thing’s about. But we wouldn’t have kept coming back to try to out-do our last post if we didn’t know some people out there were trying to follow along. So thanks! 

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